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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 31

Day 31 weigh in ~ 170.6 (-.8 lbs from previous day) (-18.6 lbs from R3 Starting weight of 189.2) (-51.8 lbs From beginning 1st round at 222.4 (-91.6 total lbs from highest at 262.2)

I made a orange steak salad yesterday for dinner… the orange made it yummy!

Gah… so close to 160’s AND to 20 pounds lost. Scale don’t fail me now. With only 5 days left to go on VLCD I see the light. My weight loss has been steady these past couple days so I’m not gonna mess up what I have been doing. I have the potencial to lose at least 2-3 more pounds if I keep losing .6-.8 pounds per day.

I found this picture on my friends computer yesterday that was taken about a year ago. I was probably about 220 pounds or so. I looked a hot mess and have no idea why she took that picuture of me, but I wanted to REMAKE that picture to see the difference…I will remake it again when i get to goal. LOOK!

I see a HUGE difference in my hips and my waist. I didn’t realize the difference until I put on the same pants and shirt I was wearing at the time the first pic was taken. It makes me happy, I couldn’t stop staring at it last night before bed. Does that make me neurotic?

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