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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 29

Day 29 weigh in ~ 172.2 (-.2 lbs from previous day) (-17 lbs from R3 Starting weight of 189.2) (From beginning 1st round at 222.4 (-50.2 lbs) From highest at 262.2 (-90 total lbs!!!)

Yup… officially down 90 pounds from my all time highest weight…. VERY exciting! :D

I think I am going to do an apple day today, weight loss has been a little slow the past couple days… (.2), (.4)… GAH. I don’t feel I HAVE to, but I do want to get under the 170’s by the end of this protocol, and time is a wasting. Next Tuesday I begin No Sugar, No Starch… CAN’T wait! I have SO much I wanna make :D

Still 2.3 pounds till I make my round goal…. LET’S GO!

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Round 2 HCG ~ Day 4 VLCD

Weigh in ~ 199.0 (-2 from previous) (-6 from R2 start) (-.8 from lowest of 199.8)

Beginning 1st round 222.4 (-23.4 lbs) Highest 262.2 (-63.2 lbs)


OMG.. SO happy to be back in ONEderland! Now to go further than I ever have before! I am now officially at my all time lowest I have ever been in my ENTIRE adult life (since I had my first kid at 19) I feel like I can do this… I CAN get to my goal!

I have had alot of tweets, FB messages, and Tumblr messages telling me that I am inspiring them! This makes me extremely happy because for a long time, I felt like a failure… but I am DOING it! No matter how you get there, don’t be ashamed… different things work for different people. So I gained 5 pounds back the last round…SO WHAT! I am still at the lowest I have ever been in the 3 years I have been dieting… so all I see is SUCCESS! :D

…and will still 25 days to go, lets see how far I can move the scale <3


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