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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 29

Day 29 weigh in ~ 172.2 (-.2 lbs from previous day) (-17 lbs from R3 Starting weight of 189.2) (From beginning 1st round at 222.4 (-50.2 lbs) From highest at 262.2 (-90 total lbs!!!)

Yup… officially down 90 pounds from my all time highest weight…. VERY exciting! :D

I think I am going to do an apple day today, weight loss has been a little slow the past couple days… (.2), (.4)… GAH. I don’t feel I HAVE to, but I do want to get under the 170’s by the end of this protocol, and time is a wasting. Next Tuesday I begin No Sugar, No Starch… CAN’T wait! I have SO much I wanna make :D

Still 2.3 pounds till I make my round goal…. LET’S GO!

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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 2

Day 2 weigh in ~ 190.8 (-5.6 previous day) (+1.6 from R3 Start) (Beginning 1st round 222.4 (-31.6 lbs) Highest 262.2 (-71.4 lbs)

Here’s where the good part happens, when I start to see the weight drop. I lost almost all of my “Loading” weight (Thank GOD) but am still up a bit from my end weight. I know that the majority of the weight gained from “Loading” is not “real” fat weight and is why I say never be afraid of what the scale says after those first two days.

Yesterday, I didn’t have any true hunger. I did miss some foods… and felt myself wanting them (I had to remind myself that I couldn’t eat them because I almost forgot on several occasions that I had began Phase 2) I added Miracle Noodles to my dinner yesterday and if they don’t stall me in this phase think they are going to be a GREAT addition! I ate them like Ramen Noodles, I added celery salt, garlic salt, and onion powder to boiling water and they tasted surprisingly close to them!

Beginning my second day…. wish me luck :)


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Round 2 HCG ~ Day 5 VLCD

Weigh in ~ 199.0 (-0 from previous) (-6 from R2 start) (-.8 from lowest of 199.8) Beginning 1st round 222.4 (-23.4 lbs) Highest 262.2 (-63.2 lbs)

Freakin STALL! gah.. I hate them, but I know they come with the territory. Went to bed without eating my last Melba Toast or my apple… wonder if that has anything to do with it? … oh well.

Today is a new day :)


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Day 23 - VLCD

Weight 205.4 (-0.8 lbs loss) Total - 17 lbs

HAPPY! 7 more days… I’m ready!

I went dancing last night… Told myself “no more alcohol for the remainder of the protocol stage 1” … And I’m happy to say I didn’t!!! Nope, not even a sip. Believe me, I had alcohol pushed in my face all night! (how come that doesn’t happen when I can drink!?! Lol)

One thing I notice that was different is that I lost my steam towards the end of the night, and that NEVER happens. With no alcohol (calories) and only 500 calories a day I burned more than I consumed in the 3 hours of dancing. For the first time ever at the club… I had to sit down. After about 20 or so minutes (and one hot lap-dance later) I regained my energy and went to dance for the last 20 minutes of the night (however not as energy packed as usual) I can see why when you are on HCG they discourage strenuous activity.

I’m super excited to take on this last week on the VLCD stage, and am elated I made it this far. Hopefully I can break the 200’s during this week. Only time will tell.

Till tomorrow….

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Day 19 - VLCD

Weight 207 (-0.4 lbs loss) Total (-15.4 lbs)

Well… It’s a small loss, but it’s a loss non-the-less. When I step on the scale and see the small losses I get disappointed, but I need to get out of my head that I will lose a pound a day, and realize what I’ve done so far is amazing. As a woman, my average weight-loss should be anywhere from .5 to 1 pound a day, and I’m averaging .8. I’m right on track!

I’m not gonna lie, I felt a bit hungry last night, and into today. I am upping my dosage slightly to see if it helps. It’s not unbearable, but its still hunger :-/ I don’t like that feeling.

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Day 16 - VLCD

Weight: 208.8 (-1.6 lbs loss) Total: -13.6

YAY… out of the Two-Teens! Haven’t been here in a while. It feels good, my pants are starting to fit comfortably again… ugh they were getting SO tight! I’m glad I made this decision to do HCG. I know there is a lot of skeptical people out there, and I know the had part is going to be keeping it off after the VLCD part is complete. As long as I follow the rules, I should be fine.

The rules aren’t too hard. For 3 days after stopping the drops, I stay on the VLCD eating plan. Then, the following 3 weeks I have NO sugar, and NO starch (similar to Atkins…I’ve been there done that…simple). Then, the next 3 weeks I can slowly add back healthy sugar and starches (ie., beans, whole wheat, starchy veggies and fruits). Finally, another round of the drops.

It seems overwhelming, but as long as I take it one step at a time until I hit goal, I feel like I can do it. Are you still out there? Are you still with me?

14 days to go…

**FYI: my highest weight before I began working on becoming healthier, in January 2008 was 262.2… that’s a overall weight loss of 53.4 pounds lost**

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Day 9 - VLCD

Weigh in 214 (1 lb loss) Total -8.4

No gain from yesterday! YAY! Not much to say today… It’s a little tempting when people eat in front of me… It looks sooooo good. I keep reminding myself… Only 21 more days. It helps to remember this is not forever and in no time I will be able to add a lot more variety to my food. I cant wait.

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