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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 33 

Day 33 weigh in ~ 169.8 (-.6 lbs from previous day) (-19.4 lbs from R3 Starting weight of 189.2) (-52.6 lbs From beginning 1st round at 222.4 (-92.4 total lbs from highest at 262.2)


With only 3 days left, this is nice to see.

When I first started hCG 6 months ago (in November 2010) I got a lot of negative feedback on my decision to go drastic with this particular choice. I had a hard time defending myself, because quite frankly… such a drastic calorie reduction seems crazy… I KNOW! I would get stories of people who have done this diet and were unsuccessful, or gone right off it for a week or so and gained all their weight back. I listened… I took it all in… I worried this was going to happen to me… and I did it anyways. And I’m SO glad I did. People are taking notice of my success and some of those people who were bad mouthing it, now are trying or thinking about trying it for themselves. Looking at the scale sit at 169.8 brings a tear to my eye… it’s a wonderful feeling of success. In some of my darkest moments I’ve wished for moments like this… but never really thought they would happen to me. I thought I was destined to sit in the 200’s for the remaining of my days…

I feel it’s my job to tell you these things…I want you to be successful like me. If I can do it… YOU CAN DO IT! It’s just a matter of committing yourself to what ever it is you decide to do. hCG may not be for everyone, but for some it just may be the miracle you have been looking for. For me… it is.


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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 29

Day 29 weigh in ~ 172.2 (-.2 lbs from previous day) (-17 lbs from R3 Starting weight of 189.2) (From beginning 1st round at 222.4 (-50.2 lbs) From highest at 262.2 (-90 total lbs!!!)

Yup… officially down 90 pounds from my all time highest weight…. VERY exciting! :D

I think I am going to do an apple day today, weight loss has been a little slow the past couple days… (.2), (.4)… GAH. I don’t feel I HAVE to, but I do want to get under the 170’s by the end of this protocol, and time is a wasting. Next Tuesday I begin No Sugar, No Starch… CAN’T wait! I have SO much I wanna make :D

Still 2.3 pounds till I make my round goal…. LET’S GO!

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