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Round 3 hCG ~ VLCD Day 32

Day 32 weigh in ~ 170.4 (-.2 lbs from previous day) (-18.8 lbs from R3 Starting weight of 189.2) (-52 lbs From beginning 1st round at 222.4 (-91.8 total lbs from highest at 262.2)

.2? POINT TWO? Really?!?!

*cover your ears guys* My period is about to start in two days, *okay you can uncover them now* So I hope this isn’t it for me this round. If it is, I am okay with that… but I really hope it’s not. I wanted to be out of the 170’s by the end of the round. One last push for victory Amber.

Only 4 days remaining on Phase 2… let the countdown begin :D

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